Maitahue Hostel, we have the best facilities to make your stay a pleasant moment. You can also enjoy a pleasant familiar atmosphere that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Located a few blocks from the main tourist offices, pubs and restaurants.

Maitahue Hostel this located in the town of Pucón, in the region of la Araucania, recognized as a tourist centre of southern Chile place.


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We have a great location just 5 blocks from the center of Pucon and major tourist agencies. and of course a beautiful view of the Villarrica volcano. We have created this hostel with the idea to please all those who have in mind a cozy, quiet, comfortable and happy to enjoy their holidays in a special place!

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Meet our comfortable rooms, associated with all services offered by Hostal Maitahue.

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Hostal Maitahue Pucon Chile

Cacique Paillalef Street #965 Pucón- Chile Phone:. 45 2 442597/ Mobile:.9 71370214 - 9 64655304

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